FYI: Dress Code & Electronics Policy

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Dear TLS Parents,

Our Parent Handbook is undergoing revision and will be posted here on the website soon. However, you have school shopping to do right now, so you very reasonably want to know the details about the dress code! Please consult the following information.


Students are responsible for their own clothing. Each child’s clothing, lunch box, tote bag, etc. should be labeled. It is suggested that a child’s name not be visible from the front for the student’s own safety.

Any violation of this dress code will result in a phone call to parents to have appropriate clothes that meet the dress code delivered to school.

  • All students will dress according to the dress code.
  • Clothing will be clean, neat, and without holes.
  • Clothing must be manageable and appropriate for the season and the activity.
  • Students are required to wear “khaki-type” pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers in khaki/tan or navy color.
  • Students are required to wear polo or oxford shirts/blouses in white, royal blue, navy blue or powder blue. Students may not wear shirts with writing/advertising — Trinity shirts are the only exception.
  • K-8 students are required to have one TLS polo or oxford shirt to be worn for field trips, classroom pictures and other to-be-announced activities.
  • Students must wear shoes that are completely enclosed and appropriate for recess as well as classroom activities. Sandals, heels, Crocs®-type, or clogs/shoes without backs are not acceptable.
  • We strongly suggest that girls wear shorts underneath skirts and jumpers.
  • A child’s fingertips should not go beyond the length of shorts or skirts and jumpers. Please check the hems of your Student’s clothing as they are all growing children.
  • When the weather is cool, if students choose to wear a sweater or long sleeved shirt under their clothing, these items should be white, royal blue, navy blue or powder blue.
  • Appropriate cold weather apparel is to be worn to and from school and at recess, not in the classroom.
  • Boots or a pair of shoes for outside must be worn when the weather dictates. These boots, extra shoes, or galoshes must be left in the hall. A child must have a different pair of shoes to be worn in the classroom.
  • Grades 3-8 graders are required to bring appropriate P.E. clothing to be worn during P.E. and not to class. When students dress out for P.E., they must wear appropriate length shorts or sweats, plain T-shirts or long sleeved T-shirts or the TLS P.E. T-shirt (no logos – except for TLS logo, no tank tops, no bare midriffs) in black, grey, blue, white or khaki only.

If we detailed every conceivable dress code violation, this section would be pages long. Therefore, the Headmaster reserves the right to call parents in cases where a student’s dress is not up to TLS standards whether or not the violation is explicitly covered in this section of the Handbook.


Toys cannot be brought from home unless the classroom teacher has given permission to do so for “show and tell.” Cell phones, video game systems, iPods, and any other similar electronics are not allowed. If a child must bring a cell phone to school it must be turned off and left in the child’s backpack. TLS is not responsible for lost cell phones. If such toys or electronics are brought to school, they will be confiscated and parents must meet with the teacher or the Headmaster to reclaim them.

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