Introducing Pastor John Preus

Pastor John Preus and his wife Monica with their children – left to right: James (11), Mark (3), Sarah (11 mo.), Nadia (9), Anne (7), Sophia (5)

As was announced before Divine Service on Sunday, March 17, the Rev. John Preus of Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa, has accepted the call extended to him by our congregation here in Cheyenne. We now have a permanent pastor— thanks be to God!

Pastor Preus’s letter, which was read to the congregation on Sunday, March 17, is below:

March 16, 2019

Dear congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cheyenne,

After much earnest prayer and reflection, and with confidence that what you have extended to me is a call from God to serve you as a minister of the gospel, I have decided to accept this call with the same confidence that God’s gracious will is being done. While I will leave the saints here in Clinton with a heavy heart, I will be happy to serve our gracious Lord and his flock where he so wills to use me. He is our Chief Shepherd who provides for all his sheep. It will be my honor to be his servant and steward for you.

Due to unavoidable practical concerns, I will unfortunately have to delay my coming to you longer than may be usual. As you may already know, I am still recovering from shoulder surgery and have been advised to wait at least until after Easter for the sake of my physical therapy. It would also be most convenient for the congregation here for me to finish the Lenten season. I will be in contact with you soon to set an official date for my installation in May.

God bless your Lenten season and give you a joyful Easter. You remain in my prayers.

In Christ,

Pastor John Preus

So far Pastor Preus’s letter.

The Board of Elders and other congregational leaders will provide communication ahead of the Preus family’s arrival so that we, their new church family, can provide a warm welcome and be of assistance to them as they settle into their new surroundings.

Between now and Pastor Preus’s arrival, Pastors Baikie, Scheer, and Maas and Chaplain Anderson will continue to lead services, preach, and provide pastoral care to our congregation— for which we remain exceedingly grateful! If you need to get ahold of Pastor Baikie for any reason, please call him (his number is in the bulletin) or use the pastoral contact page.