The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education

In the Spring of 2012, Trinity became the fourth school to be accredited under the rigorous standards of the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education (CCLE). This means that all four primary schools in the Wyoming District are now accredited in the classical model of education— and are the first in the nation to have done so. On the CCLE website you can find a list of classical Lutheran schools from around the country.

What Does It Take?

Accreditation means that the entire program of the school is measured by “The Marks of a Classical Lutheran School,” a document adopted by the CCLE in 2006. The provided link will take you to the full document, but here are the four major marks:

  • The School confesses and incorporates a commitment to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of its educational mission as it is taught and confessed in the inspired sacred Scriptures and the confessional writings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • The school demonstrates a commitment to a classical approach to curriculum and instruction within the framework of its confessional Lutheran character.
  • The school’s institutional governance establishes and expresses clearly articulated rules, regulations, and responsibilities that are in harmony with God’s revealed orders of creation— for students, parents, and school staff.
  • A regular evaluative strategy is in place to continually evaluate all aspects of the school’s performance in light of its confessional commitments with established ways and means to implement improvement.