ShopWithScrip™ for TLS

Trinity needs YOU to participate (at no cost to you!) so that we can earn $20,000 this school year in extra funds!

Option 1: Purchase physical gift cards on Fridays (or through a teacher) and percentage of the value of the gift card goes to TLS.

Option 2: Purchase physical gift cards through Scrip’s website.

Option 3: Purchase electronic/virtual gift cards through Scrip’s website and either print them off or use them through your phone and Scrip’s website. Electronic gift cards are paid for directly and immediately through your bank account.

A Step-By-Step “How To”

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Get Started” button at the top.
  3. Select “Join Your Existing Program” and use TLS’s enrollment code: 7BD6389C14199
  4. Finish registering with all of your information.
  5. Once you’ve logged in, go to “Dashboard.” On the left side, under “Family Functions,” select “PrestoPay.” From here you can buy Scrip gift cards online.
  6. Read and select “Yes” and “I Agree.”
  7. Enter the bank account that you want to use to direct-pay for gift cards
  8. Over the next day, two small deposits will show up in your bank account for confirmation purposes
  9. The TLS Scrip point-person also has to confirm your enrollment in PrestoPay. Marge Jeffers, TLCS Secretary, is responsible for this and should get the approval completed in about two business days. You can email Marge for PrestoPay updates at
  10. Once your bank account has been confirmed, all you need to do is search for the gift card(s) you want on their website and select the “Physical Gift Card” to have it mailed to you, or the “ScripNow eCard” to buy a digital card. You can print off the digital card on your printer. You can log in to the website on your smartphone and show the app and barcode at checkout. You can save the barcode to your photos as a screenshot. The options are endless!

How TLS Gets $$$

When you purchase a gift card through Scrip, a percentage of the gift card amount is paid back to TLS. Percentages range from 1% all the way to ~15%, with the average being anywhere from 3 – 5%.

What Do You Need To Do?

The one thing you need to do is purchase gift cards as your method of payment for stores where you you regularly shop. For example…

  • If you know you are going out to eat this week at Applebees, go ahead and order an Applebees card to cover that cost.
  • If you do your grocery shopping at King Soopers and your monthly grocery bill is about $1,100, go ahead and get that amount loaded on a King Soopers Scrip card so that TLS can benefit from your normal purchases.

Before long you’ll have gotten into the habit of thinking about Scrip for your purchases. It just takes an ounce of forethought on your part, but the benefits to the our school are potentially huge!

Example of a Monthly Household Budget Benefitting TLS

Groceries, $250/week (Walmart) $25.00
Supplies, $150/month (Target) $3.75
Saturday morning breakfasts, $30/week (IHOP) $9.60
Workday latte, $3/workday $4.20
Family dinner at restaurant, $60/week (Red Lobster) $19.20
Children’s clothes, $50/month (Children’s Place) $6.00
Miscellaneous items, $120/month (Amazon) $3.60
Household repairs, $100/month (Home Depot) $4.00
iTunes apps, $10/month (Apple) $0.50
Your Benefit to TLS over the year:  $910.20

$910.20 a year for TLS, just from buying what you were going to buy anyway, but using Scrip cards to do it! Incredible! Imagine if we could get just fifty families to commit to this— we’d close the year with $45,510 more for our school budget. Now that is the way to fundraise!