2021-2022 Schedule of Tuition & Fees

All re-enrollments and new enrollments for the 2021-2022 school year

All tuition rates are per school-year. Regular monthly rate** is 1/10 of school-year rate.

ClassDays / TimesEnrollment FeeMaterials FeeBase Tuition Rate
Preschool –
M, W, F / 8:00-11:15 AM$150$150$2,660
Preschool –
M–F / 8:00-11:15 AM$150$150$4,290
Pre-K Half
(AM -or- PM)
M–F / 8:00-11:15 AM -or- 12:15-3:30 PM$150$150$3,450
Pre-K Full
(AM & PM)
M–F / 8:00-3:30 PM$150$150$7,500
Grades K-8M–F / 8:00-3:30 PM$200$200$4,780
  • On Registration Day (August 5 & 12, 2021) the balance of fees plus the first tuition payment is due; the $100 deposit paid at enrollment/re-enrollment is applied to the Enrollment Fee.
  • Tuition is to be paid in ten (10) equal monthly payments due the first week of each month, August 2021 through May 2022. Monthly tuition payments are made via Automated Clearinghouse debits (ACH). **Since late enrollments/mid-year transfers do not prepay one installment of tuition at Registration before the start of the school year, the minimum monthly payment amounts for late enrollments/mid-year transfers are larger than the regular monthly rate, being based on nine (9) rather than ten (10) equal monthly payments.
  • Tuition may be prepaid at any time, paid in full at Registration, or paid in two (2) half-payments at Registration and mid-year (January 2022).
  • A packet will be mailed home before Registration Day containing your Tuition Payment Agreement, Classroom Supply List, and other information.

Discounts, Scholarships, & Grants

  • Legacy Discount (variable percentage) — If a child received a tuition discount for the 2020-2021 school year, that discount rate, calculated as a percentage marked off the Base Tuition Rate (BTR) of each new school year, will remain in effect for the entirety of that child’s career at Trinity.
  • Multiple Child Discount (5% off total tuition bill for each additional child) — The Multiple Child Discount will automatically be applied to every eligible family’s tuition bill. Returning families have the option of receiving the Legacy Discount or the Multiple Child Discount, whichever amounts to a greater savings. 
  • Trinity Scholarship (up to 100% of tuition) — In order for a student to receive a Trinity Scholarship, at least one parent/guardian must be a member in good standing of Trinity Lutheran Church. A signed letter from Pastor Preus must be on file with the headmaster’s office by the first mid-quarter of each school year attesting good standing. The Trinity Scholarship Fund is replenished by offerings and memorial bequests from members of Trinity Lutheran Church. 
  • Need-Based Grant (variable percentage) — The St. Nicholas Grant is a need-based tuition assistance grant awarded to qualifying families. Receipt of need-based tuition assistance may entail a service-hour requirement. Families wishing to apply for a St. Nicholas Grant must fill out an application, available in the TLCS office and on the TLCS website. Applications are received by the headmaster and reviewed by the Trinity Board of Christian Day School. While applications may be submitted at any time, families anticipating a need for tuition assistance are advised to apply for the St. Nicholas Grant before Registration Day, as funds may not continue to be available. The TLS Grant Fund is replenished through fundraising. 
  • Military/Law-Enforcement Grant (5% of tuition) — In order for a student to receive a St. Martin Grant, at least one parent/guardian must be a current or retired member of the US Armed Forces or a current or retired law-enforcement officer. The TLS Grant Fund is replenished through fundraising. 
  • Ace Scholarship (variable percentage) — TLS families are also eligible to apply for the outside need-based Ace Scholarship; for information about this financial aid opportunity, please visit the Ace Scholarships website. 

Birth-Dates for Enrollment

  • Preschool/Pre-K – three (3) years old by September 15, 2021
  • Kindergarten – five (5) years old by September 15, 2021


All TLS families are required to fill out a childcare contract to be kept on file at TLS in case of occasional/emergency use of before/after-school care or delay of pick-up. Childcare is only available for currently-enrolled TLS students. For more information please consult the relevant section of the 2021-2022 TLS Parent Handbook.

Registration Materials

  • All families:
    • Checkbook (you will write a check for your balance of fees and first tuition payment)
  • New families:
    • Copy of birth certificate for each child
    • Immunization records for each child
  • Families of seventh-graders:
    • Updated immunization records for each child

A PDF of this material is available here.